Data Centre Virtualisation

Consolidating physical servers into virtualised environments, we optimise resource utilisation and flexibility. Our solutions support cloud computing, enabling seamless integration of private and public clouds. With the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), we combine virtualised servers, software-defined storage, and networking for a unified, agile infrastructure. 

Traditional Vs Virtualised Data Centres

Virtualised Advantages
  • Greater server utilisation results in an overall efficiency boost.
  • Doing more with fewer servers slashes the physical footprint of the data centre.
  • Fewer hot and power-hungry servers are required to process the same workload.
  • Reduces bandwidth requirements for traffic flow.
  • Environments are easier to scale; deployment of resources is faster.
  • Faster data replication and data migration makes backup and recovery easier.
  • Facilitates integration of cloud data services.

Elevate Efficiency: Transition to Data Centre Virtualisation

Unlock Efficiency, Scale Seamlessly: Embrace Data Centre Virtualisation for Agile Infrastructure.

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Server Virtualisation

Use virtualisation to enable multiple operating systems to run on a single physical server as highly efficient virtual machines.

 Completely independent from each other, virtual servers eliminate server sprawl and complexity, reduce operating costs, and provide higher server availability, increased application performance, faster workload deployment and greater IT efficiencies.

Network Virtualisation

Completely reproducing a physical network, network virtualisation combines all physical networking equipment into a single, software-based resource.

This allows applications to run on a virtual network just like they would on a physical network. However, a virtual network provides independence from hardware and greater operational benefits.

Storage Virtualisation

Virtual storage is the storage capacity that is accumulated from multiple physical devices and then made available for reallocation in a virtualised environment.

It is the pooling of physical storage from multiple devices into what appears to be a single storage device managed from a central console. Relying on software to identify available storage capacity, the technology then aggregates that capacity as a pool of storage that can be used in a virtual environment by virtual machines.

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