Technology Partners

Over our 25+ years of operation, we have kept our finger firmly on the pulse of new and emerging IT industry trends and nurtured and established a trustworthy and varied portfolio of partners to enable us to offer IT solutions of any scope and scale to a wide array of specialised industries.

Through the power of collaboration, we utilise our trusted partners to navigate and resolve your IT challenges. Together, we combine expertise, innovation, and resources, ensuring seamless solutions that will propel your technology.

Selecting a partner for success

We help you choose the right technology partner by assessing your needs, evaluating vendors, and providing tailored recommendations. With negotiation and implementation support, we ensure a seamless integration, maximising value for your business.

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Why R-Com?

 Identifying the most suitable IT partner tailored to your specific requirements


Ensuring the chosen IT partner aligns perfectly with your unique needs

Strategic Alignment

Ensuring your partner’s capabilities are in line with your long-term strategic goals

Seamless Integration

Chosen partners are seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure

Ongoing Support

Ongoing support and guidance throughout the partnership 

Relationship Management

Facilitating effective communication and resolving any issues that may arise

Finding a partner for your requirements

Whether you require cloud services, cybersecurity solutions, data management tools, or network infrastructure, we collaborate with trusted providers who offer specialised expertise to meet your unique requirements effectively.

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