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VMware are a leading provider of virtualisation and cloud computing solutions, enabling businesses to optimise their IT infrastructure and operations. Their software solutions enhance efficiency, scalability, and security across data centres, cloud environments, and digital workspaces.

VMware Cloud Foundation

In the private cloud, agility and reliability are key. VMware Cloud Foundation, a full-stack solution, integrates advanced software-defined compute, storage, and networking with automation and orchestration. This enables efficient digital operations, accelerating developer productivity and embracing cloud native and AI technologies for faster app and service delivery. With streamlined resource management and innovation acceleration, VMware Cloud Foundation reduces technological debt and boosts operational efficiency for customers with VCF.

VMware vSphere Foundation​

Designed to optimise your data centre, the enterprise workload platform that enhances operational efficiency, supercharges workload performance, and accelerates innovation.

Boost Operational Efficiency

Intelligent operations management and analytics to get the most out of your infrastructure.

Supercharge Workload Performance

Meet the throughput and latency needs of modern workloads.

Elevate Security

Deliver secure-by-default infrastructure to safeguard data and ensure business continuity.

Accelerate Innovation for DevOps

Easily discover, access and deploy DevOps services to run workloads with VMs and containers.

Compare vSphere Products

vSphere Essentials Plus Kit
All-in-one solution for small businesses to virtualise physical servers and reduce hardware costs.

vSphere Essentials Plus

vCenter Essentials

vSphere Standard

Industry leading server virtualisation solution for data centre consolidation and enhanced application availability.

vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi)

vCenter Standard

vSphere Foundation

Enterprise workload engine to optimise the data centre for organisations of all sizes.

vSphere Enterprise Plus

vCenter Standard

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid

Aria Suite Term Standard

Plus available add-on


VMware vSphere Foundation offers:

  • 20% reduction in hardware costs through optimisation and capacity management.

  • 50% reduction in mean time to resolution and quick remediation.

  • 3% reduction in unplanned downtime through intelligent insights.

  • Integrated self-service platform for containers and virtual machines, with embedded Kubernetes.

Customers looking to purchase vSphere Enterprise Plus or vCloud Suite Standard can enjoy potential cost savings of up to 50% with a 3-year subscription by adopting VMware vSphere Foundation. In addition, they will also be equipped to handle scaling, modern workloads, and efficiency challenges with best-in-class solutions included at no extra cost.

vSphere is ranked #1 in G2 Enterprise Grid Report for Server Virtualisation, Winter 2023

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