3rd Party Maintenance and Support

R-Com Consulting provides support to customers across a wide range of vertical markets from finance, legal, construction, retail, government and leisure. We deliver the latest resources, skills, insights and innovation to customers’ whatever their business.

Working closely with leading vendors enables us to specifically cater for customers’ IT support requirements. Competitive pricing models allow us to deliver enhanced IT support services without compromising on quality whilst providing our customers with a single point of contact.

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Why Choose R-Com Consulting?

Ensuring consistent, top-tier support for our customers is paramount. Our business is centred on customer needs, with regular reviews of our service offerings to guarantee we consistently surpass their expectations and demands.

Key Benefits

No matter which technology, vendor or location the R-COM is always ready to process customer requests and offer a single point of contact.

Experienced and highly qualified engineers
Guaranteed fix
Vendor independent support
Comprehensive Spares infrastructure
European support coverage
Short response times

Hardware Support

Key Features
  • Supports top vendors across Server, Storage, Networking, and UPS
  • Provide a 24x7x4hr Fix SLA across the UK, including Scotland and Ireland.
  • Comprehensive UPS services, including hardware support, installation, and disposal.
  • Parts to site only and engineering-only SLA’s are available, providing flexibility for your customer to tailor their model.
  • Dispatch to site within 30 minutes OOH, 15 minutes in business hours.
  • Accredited engineers and professional services.

Maintain Efficiency: Solutions for Peak Performance

Cost-effective, specialised expertise – ensuring efficient and reliable upkeep of equipment.

3rd party maintenance enquiry


Our third-party maintenance and support offer more competitive pricing compared to the original vendor.

This makes it a cost-effective alternative for many organisations, allowing businesses to maintain high-quality support services while managing their budgets more efficiently.

Comprehensive Service

We deliver more comprehensive support, covering a broader range of issues with tailored solutions.

Offering customers flexible support options, which can be customised to meet the specific needs of an organisation, alongside being competitive on pricing.

Support for Legacy Systems

We are often more willing and able to support legacy systems that the original vendors may no longer service.

This ensures that clients can continue to operate and maintain older technologies that are critical to their operations without being forced to upgrade to newer systems prematurely.

Personalised Service

Third-party support can offer more personalised and attentive customer service.

With dedicated account managers who are well-versed in your specific requirements, ensuring a more intimate and effective support experience.

Independence from
Vendor Timelines

You are not tied to the vendor's timelines and policies, which is beneficial when vendor contracts expire or are up for renewal.

No matter the technology, vendor, or location, R-COM is always ready to process customer requests and offer a single point of contact, ensuring seamless and efficient support.

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